Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet for the Whole Family from a Mom Who Can’t Cook?

A healthy diet for my whole family, including the kids, a woman and a man?

But wait! I cannot cook, nor do I like to cook. If I had my own television food show, I would call it the “Look, I Can’t Cook” show.

An active lifestyle including exercise and a fit, lean body? Impossible! I have three small children, only three years apart in age!

How quickly life changes. I had a job that I loved, plenty of frequent flyer miles, and a closet full of trendy shoes. I came from a long line of career women who made reservations for dinner. My culinary skills consisted of pouring cereal out of the box. It’s hard to believe that was my life. Now I am deep, deep, deep into motherhood.

I desperately needed to find healthy food that was easy to cook, tasty, high in nutrition, and inexpensive. Not only did I need to find a path to healthy eating, but I needed it to fit into my budget and keep me lean and strong as well.

Panicked that my small children would starve, I read many books on nutrition facts, childhood obesity, and meal planning. I learned my children could only subsist on premium priced food from the local health food store or by finding natural foods growing wild in my neighborhood.

It was even suggested that I grow my own food. As I am unable to keep a house plant alive, I knew I would not be working the land with my newborn child strapped to my back. Eating right seemed way too difficult.

Along with a few adventures, disasters, and funny mishaps, I came up with my own healthy diet program that can be adapted to fit a whole family, or just a single person. Anyone can assimilate it into their lifestyle in a way that works for them. I am confident that it will leave you feeling healthier and more comfortable making good food and fitness choices in any situation.

Come along and laugh with me as I tell you about:

  • A healthy eating plan with only three simple rules
  • Healthy diet tips that have nothing to do with food
  • Fast, easy, cheap, and healthy recipes
  • Healthy food lists to take to the grocery store
  • Meal planning for two weeks
  • Exercise ideas for the whole family
  • How to eat at restaurants and avoid fast foods
  • Why your attitude towards food can change everything
  • Nutritional supplements and healthy foods that don’t require a chemistry degree to understand

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