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About the Healthy Diet Mom

My name is Mary, the healthy diet mom. When I started this website, I was a former corporate ladder-climber turned stay-at-home mom and healthy eating expert.

During my 15 year corporate career, I held several management positions with Fortune 100 corporations. I consulted for startup companies in sports technology and internet based financial services. I managed to survive by eating cereal, pasta, and salad.

I left corporate America for motherhood and, in an attempt to keep an active calendar outside of the workplace, had three children in less than four years.

Worried they would starve eating my version of “cooking”, I embarked on a journey of healthy eating for my family. I learned how to feed my family a healthy diet without spending too much time in the kitchen and without breaking the family budget.

With an Ivy League degree in History and Chemistry, I am comfortable understanding on a molecular level why some foods are not healthy choices. I regularly use my scientific background to explain to my youngest son why he can’t have candy bars for breakfast.

In November of 2010, I was lured back to corporate America into a full time position. My quest for healthy, fast eating is even more urgent as I juggle a full time job and family. The adventures continue as I find healthy meals I can make ahead of time and have ready for the following day.

I am active member of my local United States Masters swim team. My husband and I live in Northern California with our three children.

I welcome any comments or questions.

And don’t worry, your email is completely secure. I will use it only to reply directly to you.

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