Healthy Diet

An Easy Diet Plan with Only Three Simple Rules

Need an easy diet plan? For those of you who really do not have any time, here’s the bottom line to my healthy diet plan. For healthy eating, you only need to follow three simple rules:

1. Run away from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fat).

2. Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

3. Eat your breakfast.

Let me explain.

Your body needs a healthy diet with simple, tasty food.

In Kindergarten, my daughter’s teacher wisely knew to keep it simple. Her class could do very complicated things, but they did them step by step. The end product was very impressive.

When I decided to feed my family a healthy diet, I felt overwhelmed by all the choices. I kept reminding myself to take it day by day, finding an easy diet plan that worked for me. I realized that progressing towards a healthy, fit body was not as hard as I thought.

I started to think about food like this: Will this food item help my children grow tall, strong, and smart? If the answer was no, then it was not good enough for them, or for me. After all, when my son was two and I was not, I was the one in charge.

It took me three children to figure that out.

Another big light bulb moment in my relationship with food took me many years to discover. The minute you tell me I cannot have something, I need it desperately. “What do you mean I can’t have the sheep’s brain with roasted garlic sauce? It doesn’t matter that I don’t even like some of the foods that certain “fast, easy diet plans” say you can’t have. That’s not the point.

In developing my healthy eating guidelines,

Eat a Good Breakfast

I decided to avoid certain ingredients instead of food items, and eat a good breakfast. Click here for true stories of what to eat in the morning instead of candy bars and diet soda.

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

Avoiding unhealthy ingredients means I am not eliminating Ding Dongs at snack time, I just choose not to eat the high fructose corn syrup, which is in more things than I ever realized.

Learn more about high fructose corn syrup and why I am now banned from the frozen food section at my local market.

Trans Fat and Label Reading at the Grocery Store

I try to read food labels. Really I do. But some how, my vision is altered when I am shopping at the grocery store with my three kids. My youngest usually takes everything off the shelves and chucks it into the cart, including glass jars of spaghetti sauce. My oldest is usually shouting, “Mom, that lady is buying Twinkies! Can we have some too?”

Who knew finding a healthy diet plan could be so noisy? Between all this I still try to read the labels for unhealthy or healthy ingredients.

Learn more about partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and why it will last past the next nuclear holocaust

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