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Diet/Nutrition Help
Question: I am a large 28 year old girl. 5.5 feet tall and 270 lbs. I have been dieting for a month now and not lost a single pound. Is there anything …

3 Meals a Day When Trying to Lose Weight?
Question: I’m a 15 year old girl who wants to lose a little bit of weight but get healthier too. I don’t like eating 5-6 times a day, I wanna still …

What is High Maltose Corn Syrup?
Question: What is high maltose corn syrup?

Answer: High Maltose Corn Syrup is another type of sugar.

Here’s the science part: High Maltose …

Healthy Vegetable for a Sandwich?
Question: What kind of veggie is super healthy for a sandwich?


Try shredded carrots on top of sliced turkey for some extra crunch and …

Best Infant Probiotic?

Question : What is the best probiotic for infants? I love the probiotic you chose for your son for my son who is 3 years old. Now I’m looking for …

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy
Question: What are the precautions of pregnancy?

For a healthy diet during pregnancy follow these steps:

1. Your extra calories should …

CALCIUM, Sublingual  Not rated yet
Question: Mother is 95. Has arthritis. She refuses to take calcium pill or powder. A local health food store said supplement comes in liquid form in …

How do I eat healthy when I am working full time with 4 kids?  Not rated yet

Question I am a mom of 4 children and I work full time. With the economy being what it is funds are tight! Please help me to get on track!

My …

Protein for 14 yr girl  Not rated yet
Question My daughter is 14 years old. She weighs 59 kg and is 5 ft 3, we got her BCA done recently, and she is low on protein.
Would you recommend …

Best probiotic for a 2 year old?  Not rated yet
Question: My 2.5 year old son is on antibiotics. I want to start him a good probiotics to combat that. Which brand would you recommend?

Note: I …

Whether to follow ‘blood group’ diet plan or not??  Not rated yet
I have always followed one simple regime: eat as your body tells you, and of course you should be able to listen and respond to what it does

Of late …

Is Protein Powder OK for Children?  Not rated yet
Is it okay to give my 6 year old daughter chocolate protein powder in her milk in place of chocolate syrup? How much is too much?

Answer …

Cook Your Heart Out Contest Update 2010  Not rated yet
QUESTION: Have the winners been selected and are the recipes available for the Cook Your Heart Out contest?

ANSWER: Here’s a mid-July 2010 update:…

Energy drinks  Not rated yet
I am surrounded by individuals who swear by “energy” drinks as a substitute for an entire meal or for the boost they need to get through part of the day …

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