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Five Steps to a Healthy Eating Plan and What I Have In Common With The Biggest Loser Contestants

What are five steps to a healthy eating plan? How do you get started on the path toward a better lifestyle? For some people, they know where to start. For others, the myriad of food choices is simply overwhelming and unapproachable.

You know you should eat healthy and exercise, but how do you begin, much less incorporate it into your everyday life? In trying to find my way, I discovered I have something in common with the contestants of the Biggest Loser show.

They can’t cook.

A recent New York Times article talks about how we see the contestants exercising, and promoting products, but we never actually see them cooking and eating. According to the article, “Contestants climb a steep and brutal learning curve in the kitchen, since they have to do all their own cooking. “There’s no chef whipping up spa cuisine,” Ed Brantley, a contestant from last season, said glumly.”

It sounds like the contestants are dropped Dorothy-style into the land of food and exercise, without a yellow brick road in sight. Their most difficult problem is finding a healthy diet plan that works for them. Some make peace with food and have a healthy lifestyle after the show. Others gain back the weight, never having found what they needed to make their weight loss last a lifetime.

So what can you do to start a long term healthy eating plan that works for you and your family?

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