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Good Exercise Plans That Fit Into Your Life

How to Pick the Best Exercise Plan for You

We have all heard that good exercise plans are an essential part of being healthy. But with so many choices, what is the best exercise plan?

I know that exercise is good for me and I acknowledged that concept a long time ago. My challenge was to find the right exercise and time to work out.

I wondered how I could manage a quick exercise routine in between scraping finger paint off the living room walls and completing my analysis of where Dr. Seuss’ cat was able to purchase such stylish headwear.

What If You Don’t Like the Gym?

In determining a good exercise plan for me, I discovered that I am not a gym person. I think gyms are great for many people. They just don’t work for me.

My problem with the gym started years ago when I arrived wearing the wrong thing. All the other girls had on color coordinated outfits with the matching hair scrunchies. I arrived in mismatched shorts and a t-shirt, looking like I had just left Mrs. Denny’s seventh grade gym class. Inside the gym I looked at the dizzying array of machines and felt like a scene from the Terminator movie had really happened.

The machines were taking over.

I took a deep breath and jumped onto a treadmill. I managed to get the treadmill to work, and instantly felt like a gerbil on an exercise wheel. The concept of furiously running to nowhere did not seem very logical.

After I finished running, I felt more like a horse running to get the carrot on the end of the stick, knowing I would never reach it. In my case, I was so frustrated by the treadmill that my carrot became an ice cream sundae with extra whip cream at the end of my workout. Not exactly mission accomplished.

Determined that I should like the gym as much as everyone else, I attended one of the aerobics classes. When everyone went right, I went left. I looked like a madly flapping chicken that had too many pre-flight espressos. After several collisions with the other members of my “flock”, I realized the gym was not right for me.

So what did I do? I learned some important exercise options that fit into anyone’s busy day:

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