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Healthy Eating Guide: How to Feed Your Family a Healthy Diet

Need a healthy eating guide? Get the ebook, Tales from the Kindergarten Kitchen: A Journey on How to Feed Your Family a Healthy Diet Even If You Can’t Cook!

Discover every strategy and secret I’ve learned from finding a healthy diet my whole family enjoys.

There are dozens of easy, fast things you can do to make a tremendous difference in your health, weight, and well being.

How to Feed Your Entire Family a Healthy Diet

The e-book, Tales from the Kindergarten Kitchen, details everything I’ve learned for helping your whole family achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve written this book as a step-by-step information resource to help you succeed in living better and eating well with less stress.

How did I discover these strategies for a healthy diet? After all, I can’t cook!

Before I was married and still in my 30’s, my culinary skills consisted of making pasta, salad, and cold cereal. Fortunately, my husband owned a full set of Williams Sonoma cookbooks. Unfortunately, I did not know what to do with them. After I gave birth to our first child, I traded my briefcase for a diaper bag and assumed responsibility for all meal preparation.

When it came time to feed my first child solid food, I consulted our knowledgeable pediatrician. I asked him to recommend a good book on the best food choices for children. He told me there was no definitive book on the subject. With my legendary culinary skills, my kids were destined to only eat pasta, salad, and cold cereal. Somehow, I didn’t envision my 8 month old asking for seconds of my favorite corporate lunch salad, an iceberg lettuce wedge topped with Roquefort dressing. Panicked that my children would starve, I embarked on a journey of healthy eating, finding simple strategies that worked in everyday life.

Through trial and error, and in my case, lots of error, I learned how to eat healthy without spending much time in the kitchen. I documented all my adventures in the kitchen, as we laughed our way through the disasters, triumphs, and the comments from my three kids.

As my children got older, I experienced the joy and success of watching my family grow strong and healthy, with a positive attitude towards themselves and towards food.

What You Will Learn From This Healthy Eating Guide


    • Three simple rules for a healthy diet


    • How to eat healthy on a budget


    • Easy healthy eating tips that don’t involve food


    • How to change your attitude towards food


    • How to get your picky eater to try new foods


    • Understand why diets fail and what you can do to stick to a healthy eating program


    • How to never feel deprived even when you are following a healthy eating plan


    • Learn how to eat 5 times a day to stay healthy


    • Learn how to easily shop for the best foods


    • How to choose the right exercise for you and make time in your busy schedule to exercise


    • Eat “regular” food in your everyday diet. Learn about the best healthy foods to eat.


    • Organic versus conventional: For your health and safety, which ones you should choose at the market.


    • Learn which foods are sabotaging your healthy diet and you what you should do about them.


    • How to handle dining out at restaurant and managing your healthy eating when you are away from home


    • Which supplements do you and your family really need?


    • Sample 2 week menu and healthy eating plan.


    • Healthy eating choices by meal


    • Healthy food shopping lists


  • Over 40 delicious, easy, and healthy recipes

Is This Really a Healthy Eating Guide,
or Just Another Diet Book?

I figured that if there was an easier way to do something, I would find it. Why reinvent the wheel when someone has already found the solution? I read popular diet books, looking for an “eat this, don’t eat that” approach.

But the problem was that none of these books would work for my family.

One of my least favorite parts of most diet books is the recipe section. The ingredients are either too expensive, or unattainable.

How often does it make sense to pay twenty dollars per pound for Walla Walla fish from New Zealand? Never mind the edible orchids that accompany the fish. And don’t get me started on garnish. I am still playing hide-and-go-seek seventeen times a day. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I don’t have time to garnish. Doesn’t anyone in the diet book world eat leftovers? Am I the only human being who can eat the same thing two days in a row? I realized that for my family to eat well, I had to find a way to cook a couple of times a week and then use certain food items in more than one meal.

Some diet book authors suggest that if you spend time preparing your meals, you will eat them more slowly and appreciate them more. Those authors have never played shuttle bus driver and sherpa to my three kids. I had to develop my own eating program and it had to accommodate the reality that I never have more than five uninterrupted minutes in a day.

Here’s one example a strategy in Tales from the Kindergarten Kitchen that really works!

I now realize that my attitude towards food is essential to my health. As a child when we had to do something unpleasant like having shots at the doctor’s office, we were rewarded with food. Dessert after dinner was a reward for eating my mother’s cooking. But let’s be gentle on mom’s endless nights of Hamburger Helper. I grew up to be as good a cook as my mother.

As an adult, I rewarded myself with ice cream. Starting in college, if I did a good job studying, I would buy myself ice cream. If I did a bad job studying, I ate ice cream. If I wanted a study break, I ate ice cream. I was never detoured by the 20 degree temperature or the blizzard warnings. I gained 20 pounds in about five months and carried it with me for many years.

Once I had my children and started eating better, I realized that I still used food to reward myself. I remember one night congratulating myself for getting through a particularly difficult day which involved a plumber, kitchen utensils, and a surprise visit from the local firefighters. My reward was my favorite coconut cream pie. But after devouring the pie, I did not feel more successful, or more beautiful, or more satisfied with my efforts that day. I just felt stuffed full of pie. Ugh!

I discussed this with my husband, and realized that food is not a reward. When we considered alternative rewards, a sticker book didn’t have quite the same cache for me as it did for my three year old. I was better rewarded with a back massage, or by reading a book that had more than ten pages, small text, and no large color illustrations. The list of rewards became longer, with none of them being food. Most of them revolved around time for myself. I found my rewards could be as simple as a crossword puzzle, enjoying a book or magazine, or writing in a journal. But none of these rewards ever happened in the kitchen or near food.

Make a quick list of non-food rewards for yourself. Post it in your kitchen and refer to it every time you want to celebrate your accomplishments.

What You Will Learn in This Healthy Eating Guide:

Chapter 1: Three Simple Rules for a Healthy Diet

Chapter 2: Three Simple Rules Explained
What is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil?; Why high fructose corn syrup(corn sugar) is bad for your body; Why you must eat breakfast; What is a healthy breakfast?

Chapter 3: Healthy Eating on a Budget
Is healthy eating expensive?; Shopping strategies at the grocery store; Fresh fruit and vegetable storage and consumption; Cheap healthy food the whole family will eat;Best organic foods—which fruits and vegetables to buy organic versus conventional;The dirty dozen and the clean 15.

Chapter 4; Creating Your Home Environment
How to make your kitchen into a healthy environment; Identifying your “danger food”;What are the best healthy eating tips that don’t involve food?

Chapter 5: Surprise! Food is not a Reward. Change Your Attitude Towards Food!
How to become very self-focused; How to try new foods; The nutrition in spices; How to handle your picky eaters; Peer pressure and the picky eater; why diets fail; how to introduce a new food to picky eater; Why food is not a reward; Food as nourishment; Eat five times day to stay healthy; Why you don’t want to skip a meal or a snack; Never feel deprived.

Chapter 6: Eating at Home:
Where should you eat at home? What happens if you eat in front of the TV?;Quick ways to avoid fast food

Chapter 7: Food Shopping and Meal Preparation
Free samples and impulse shopping; how to prepare healthy meals fast; mealtime tips to keep you from mindless snacking

Chapter 8: Exercise: Get Busy, Get Moving
How to choose the right exercise for you; how to protect your exercise time

Chapter 9: Focus on Foods You Can Eat
Eat “regular” foods to stay healthy; Eat delicious foods you actually want to eat; Find the best healthy foods to eat

Chapter 10: A Few More Details of Foods to Avoid
Learn what is sabotaging your everyday diet; What foods can you substitute for the unhealthy choices?

Chapter 11: Going Out to Eat
How to bring your lunch to school or work; How to eat healthy when you are not at home; What to order when at a restaurant; What you should do when you are stuck somewhere without healthy food

Chapter 12: Healthy Extras: Supplements

Do you need supplements to stay healthy?; What you need to know about Omega 3 fish oil; What is the best calcium supplement?; Should you be eating flax and wheat germ? Do you need whey protein powder? What you need to know about the next “big” food supplement: Probioitcs

Chapter 13: Summary

Chapter 14: Sample 2 Week Healthy Eating Menu

Chapter 15: Healthy Eating Plan Choices by Meal

Chapter 16: Healthy Food Shopping Lists For Your Freezer and Your Pantry

Chapter 17: Recipes
Healthy breakfast recipes, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes; Recipes sorted by chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, salad, and even dessert!

Chapter 18: Wallet Cards
Handy wallet cards for purchasing seafood and beef.

This heatlhy eating e-book is loaded with proven strategies, tips, and years of experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

You can access this healthy eating guide, “Tales from the Kindergarten Kitchen: How to Feed Your Entire Family a Healthy Diet”, for only $9.95 – about the same price you’d pay for a very small bag of groceries.

If all you do after reading this book is save money on a week’s worth of groceries,or find one simple trick to help you and your family feel and look better, you will get your money’s worth.

But I’m certain the information in this book will do a lot more than that for you.

I think you’ll be inspired by this healthy eating guide – and that when you begin using these strategies to eat healthier and live better, you’ll find it’s the best $9.95 you’ve invested in yourself and in your family.

Buy the ebook now ! Tales From the Kindergarten Kitchen


Immediately after your purchase, you can download your eBook and start learning new success strategies, tips, and secrets within minutes.

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