Healthy Diet

Healthy Food Contests

Healthy food contests can provide a fun opportunity to win some great and useful prizes.

During the Great Depression, my wonderful aunt and her family struggled to make ends meet. The whole family was always looking for ways to make money. My Aunt was (and fortunately still is) a very creative soul.
She would find a recipe contest in the local paper that offered cash prizes to the winners. Not having enough money for the ingredients, she would make up a recipe, write it down, and submit it to the newspaper, without ever testing it first.

Of course, she frequently won the cash prize.

Too bad I didn’t get that part of the gene pool.

I decided to include a page on contests that revolve around healthy eating ideas and recipes. Since I am always interested in new healthy eating recipes, I will be watching to see what recipes win these contests.

I would be thrilled if a reader won one of these contests! So give it a try – whether or not you choose to test it first….

Good luck!


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