Healthy Diet

My Healthy Diet Plans Succeeded with the Right Attitude

In trying to find the best healthy diet plans, I used to read women’s magazines.

Cosmopolitan for advice, Vogue for fashion, and Shape for health tips. The more I read these magazines the uglier and lumpier I felt, especially after delivering my third child. My closet doesn’t feature the latest styles from Paris nor do I have a personal make up artist. I guess I’ll never be a supermodel named “Elke”, even if I changed my name.

One of the best things I ever did was to throw out those magazines. They only made me feel inadequate. I immediately felt better, but I needed an easily obtainable source of information on eating.

My husband reads Men’s Health magazine which features food and fitness tips. Instead of wishing that everything on my body was a few inches higher, I found myself focusing on nutrition and exercise.

This is my shameless, unsolicited plug for Men’s Health. If you are a man, buy it for the articles. Seriously. If you are a woman, buy it for the articles. Seriously.

The folks at Men’s Health recently launched “Women’s Health.” I have a subscription but prefer to read Men’s Health.

When I read Women’s Health, I still have those same anxieties about watching a 20 something supermodel demonstrating how to do a lunge with her cute outfit, matching exercise mat, and coordinating barbells. I do think it is an excellent magazine with great information for women. My husband now reads Women’s Health and gives me the highlights. I hope he doesn’t find it necessary to buy me matching barbells.

Once I tackled my body image, I examined other parts of my attitude. My light bulb moment came during a day involving a plumber, the local fire fighters and a coconut cream pie. What I learned made me focus on an integral part of any successful, long term healthy diet plan.

Click on the links below to learn more about my adventures and why each part of your attitude is so important to your health.

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