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Not at Home? Healthy Eating Out Strategies for Six Different Situations

Tired of eating at home? Can healthy eating out really happen? What do you eat when you are dining somewhere that isn’t home?

Try these healthy eating strategies when eating out in six different situations. healthy eating out

I felt I was making better choices when eating at home, but what about when I was at a party, at a restaurant, or an airplane? How I could I navigate a menu when I had no ingredient label to read or I knew very little about how the food was prepared?

I knew my choices should involve portion control, avoiding bad sugars and oils, eating colorful fruits and vegetables, and listening to know when my body has had enough to eat. I told myself to think protein and vegetables. Think broiled or grilled with no butter. Think colorful foods.

Think it might have been easier to stay home?

Here are stories and strategies about what to do in each situation and still maintain a healthy diet.

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