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The Easy Lunch Boxes Product Test and Review

We needed easy lunch boxes. Packing lunches was beginning to be a problem at our house. We knew how to pack a healthy lunch, but like many families, we were using baggies and small tupperware. Squished sandwiches, too much waste and expense with the baggies, and too many obesogens in the plastics. We recently learned about obesogens and that certain plastics leach chemicals into our bodies.

We were hurting the environment with all the baggies, while putting chemicals into our bodies.

Gee Mom, what’s for lunch?

To eliminate the bad plastics in our home, we disposed of plastics with numbers 3, 6, and 7. It took two adults, some reading glasses, and a flashlight to find all the numbers on our plastic containers and drink bottles, but out went the bad stuff.

We still had the problem with the baggies. They were small, compact, and prevented the juice from chopped plums from running all over the lunch boxes. We could throw the baggies away when we were done. So convenient. So bad for the environment and our budget.

Someone had to solve this problem. Long live the internet! Kelly Lester, mom and CEO of, had the same problem, and came up with an affordable solution.

Her food containers are made of non toxic, food safe, polypropylene (PP or plastic #5). They are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. They passed the FDA product safety test. Easy Lunch Boxes containers are safe for the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, & dishwasher. Kelly Lester went the extra step (which is not required for storage containers sold in the US), and had her containers and bags tested for the strictest FDA standards, which gives her items a higher melting point than average.

I was already excited about this product.

I asked Kelly about her product and she provided me a set of 4 containers and a cooler bag to test. But I got to write an honest evaluation of her product.

The Troika of Terror Versus Lunch

This was going to be an interesting evaluation. My three kids doing battle with plastic lunch containers and a cooler bag. I could already see who was going to win. Not many products outlast the “troika of terror” during a road test.

But at first look, it was encouraging. The containers’ lids had colors that both my daughters and son found appealing. The cooler bags came in five great colors. We chose one in an attractive shade of olive that everyone liked.

So off they went with containers full of juicy fresh fruit and veggies with ranch dip, packed into the roomy cooler bag. Nothing leaked and lunches were eaten. The kids came home happy, and the containers went straight into the dishwasher.

The three children (aka “the troika”) filled the containers with pasta salad, meatloaf, and tarragon chicken. Still no problems. And I loved removing the empty containers from the lunch box and placing them straight into the dishwasher.

The Hot and Cold Test

The oldest member of the troika, Hazel brought two containers to lunch, since two containers can fit into the cooler bag. In one container she put her “hot” items of spaghetti and meatballs. In the other she put her “cold” items of fruits and veggies. Since the containers are microwave safe, she heated up spaghetti and meatballs at school to have a warm lunch on a cold day.

Simple and easy. The kids were happy, and I was happy putting the containers in the dishwasher at the end of the day.

Packing Lunch The Night Before

Middle daughter Lulu did the “night before” test. She packed her lunch in the evening before school. The next morning she pulled the container out of the refrigerator and put it directly into the Easy Lunch Boxes cooler bag. “Mom, my lunch is packed, now what?”

I was hoping she would use that extra 10 minutes of time to clean her room. Instead Lulu used it to choreograph her newest dance,“Bear Chasing Coyotes”. So much for Lulu’s efficient use of time, but at least the lunch packed the night before was still tasty and fresh at noon time.

Things were going well with our testing, so Hazel went for her best lunch time terrorist tactic. Chicken noodle soup in the container. Since we were in the test stage, I suggested she put the container in a gallon bag, just in case. The soup leaked a bit. Oh well. Soup will continue to go to school in a thermos. But everything else will go in the containers.

Test Results: Easy Lunch Boxes are Great!

We really liked this product and it got three thumbs up from the test panel troika and a big thumbs up from the clean up committee (also known as Mom). The Easy Lunch Boxes system is simple to use, very efficient, and easy to clean. It’s nice to find products that make sense!

You can get more information on Kelly Lester and her terrific products here: Easy Lunch Boxes – The Best LunchBoxes

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