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What Are the Best Food Supplements for My Family?

Does finding the best food supplements leave you feeling helpless?

Health food supplements, vitamins, and powders intimidated me because they were all new to me. When someone told me to eat whey and flax, I assumed I would be grazing in a field with the cows. It took me a few years to think beyond traditional grocery store foods to explore more unusual options.

I saw an article in my local paper asking three nutritionists what they would pick as their “superhero” food items. Hoping for a few healthy tips, I eagerly delved into the contents of the article.

I immediately felt lost.

Right off the bat, one nutritionist said she would buy blue green algae. I don’t know if my local supermarket carries it, but I’m sure I could scrape some off the side of my neighborhood pool. She also picked kale and chard, which are dark green bitter vegetables, probably grown around the edges of that neighborhood pool with the blue green algae.

Continuing in that same article, another nutritionist suggested millet, which she says is much like quinoa and amaranth. Isn’t millet a hairstyle, or is it a fish? And Quinoa and Amaranth sound like the names of sisters on a South Pacific island. Maybe they eat millet all day?

In the nutritionists’ defense, they also suggested recognizable foods such as blueberries, garlic, tomatoes, plain yogurt, spinach, and broccoli, any of which I could easily purchase at my local supermarket.

But what about taking vitamin pills instead?

I learned that everyone has a different opinion on what to do. I tried to find reasonable options that made sense for me and for my family. Click on each category below to find the best food supplements for your family.

However, I am very cautious about giving any kind of supplements to my children, so proceed as you feel is appropriate to your particular situation.

Best calcium supplement. Or is milk better than a calcium supplement? ?

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